Low Vision Specialists of MD & VA is pleased to share an informative video produced by the American Academy of Ophthalmology highlighting the importance of referring patients for low vision services.

Referring low-vision patients (those with visual acuity less than 20/40, scotomas, field loss or contrast loss) to vision rehabilitation services connects individuals with services that lessen the impact of their vision loss, improves independence and overall quality of life. Joseph Fontenot, MD, Chair of the Academy’s Vision Rehabilitation committee, led the production of the following six-minute video, titled “There is Something Else You Can Do.” Introduced by David W. Parke II, MD, Academy CEO, this video emphasizes the impact of vision loss on the individual and the responsibility of the ophthalmologist to refer patients for vision rehabilitation.

With advances in technology, modern vision rehabilitation can help most patients with any degree of vision loss. Referring patients for Low Vision is now the standard of care for all who experience vision loss.

Referring patients for Low Vision