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eSight for Education

eSight has already changed the way in which people with vision loss can access educational materials. The classroom, one of the most vital spaces for improving an individual’s skills and opportunities, is open in a new way to people with low-vision simply because eSight makes the inclusion process so seamless.

Why eSight at School?

People with vision loss use eSight to support every aspect of learning: from long nights spent reading textbooks to vibrant group discussions. Even when used together, other low-vision tools offer only limited utility. In contrast, eSight works across many different activities, allowing a student to partake in every part of their education.

Dozens of people already use eSight as a part of their education and the results have been incredible. They feel more included as a part of the social dynamics of the classroom, as they are able to use their enhanced vision to engage in every aspect of the learning process.

eSight provides access to the diverse resources that support every other student, from the vast knowledge accessible in campus libraries to the crucial support of a study group.

Inclusion in the Classroom

eSight levels the playing field for students with vision loss and it is the only assistive tool in the world that provides the profound benefits of mobile, hands-free, and seamless sight enhancement. It gives users the chance to succeed to their fullest capacities in every element of education without their vision loss acting as a barrier to success.

eSight goes beyond the minimum requirements of an accessible classroom; it provides true inclusion for students.

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