eSight user stories


Yvonne had not ever seen her kids’ faces until she tried eSight. Then, everything changed.


When Shera tried eSight, she saw a face for the first time in more than a decade.


David’s vision is so clear with eSight, he can see the full length of a curling sheet—150 feet long.

9-year-old Emma-Rose has been legally blind since birth, but now, she can see as clearly as her classmates can.


Cathy has been blind for almost 20 years and thought she’d never see again… Then she tried eSight.


Julia was devastated when she went from being fully sighted to legally blind. eSight gave her the gift of seeing again.


Hugh went from having no central vision to seeing just about everything thanks to eSight.


When the young student tried eSight, he said, “I can see just like everyone else!”


Catherine lost almost all her vision but can now paint tiny details in her art thanks to eSight.

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