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By Jason W.

Initially, I was very skeptical of Dr. Thomas Azman’s promises but also cautiously optimistic.  Over the years, I had been given so much bad news about my declining vision that I really did not want to put myself through anymore let downs.  When you hear, there is nothing that can be done for you, more than once, you start to believe it.  This all changed when I recently was fitted with my new glasses.

"What. You can't see that?"

By Gene B.

This is what my sister, Briana, hears when she goes to the store and needs a little help from her son to use her credit card. She isn’t sure how to answer. Our mother and I automatically go on the defense in fear the words really hurt her, but we aren’t sure how to respond either. “Yes, I’m blind.” she says.  But they don’t believe her. Of course she isn’t blind, they think, because she isn’t walking into walls or carrying a cane.

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