We want "U" on our team!

Every day patients in our office and on the phone ask us, “Why didn’t my doctor tell me that low vision care is available?” “Why didn’t my doctor tell me about you?” We hear it so much that we started asking ourselves the same question. Why aren’t doctors referring their patients for low vision care? That’s when we decided it was time to empower our patients to spread the word about the opportunities for enhanced sight that low vision care offers. That is when we launched Low Vision U.

Many people just like you have been told that nothing more can be done to address their low vision. Now is the time to tell the world that help is available and that it is possible to see the faces of your loved ones again. You can become a Low Vision U Ambassador and help spread the word about low vision care.

If you are the caregiver of someone with low vision, you too can become a Low Vision U Ambassador. As you advocate for your loved one to receive the best care possible, it will be important that you insist that his or her physician refer them for low vision care.

Low Vision U On The Blind Life

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The duties of a Low Vision U Ambassador!

It’s very simple to advocate for low vision and blindness care.  We provide great talking points/educational tips so you can inform the world about the amazing options available today.  Share with your friends, family, and your physicians. Everyone deserves to know that options exist to help improve quality-of-life.

Meet some of our Low Vision U Ambassadors

Support The Mission To Cure Blindness

Low Vision Specialists of MD & VA is proud to team up with Two Blind Brothers to produce our exclusive Low Vision U Ambassador apparel.  Learn more about Two Blind Brothers and their mission to cure blindness.