Learn how Low Vision Specialists of MD & VA can help support your accessibility initiatives when employing individuals who are low vision or blind. (410) 844-0010

Low Vision Specialists of MD & VA works every day with people who are low vision and blind.  These individuals posses enormous skills and talents to contribute to the workforce in America. The advanced technology that LVS offers helps individuals to participate fully in the activities of daily living and work. Now, we want to offer this technology to forward thinking corporations, Federal and State Employees (CAP – Computer/Electronics Accommodation Program). Our corporate low vision division helps to establish internal programs that facilitate and promote the hiring of talented, skilled individuals who are visually impaired.

Did you know that the American Disabilities Act offers tax credits/benefits for purchasing low vision aids/devices for visually impaired employees?

Access to technology with equal access to information.

Low Vision Specialists of Maryland & Virginia is proud to offer the latest assistive technology that will empower your employees. From wearable technology that can enable improved vision or orientation & mobility + navigation devices, our experienced staff will guide you through the process and highlight the best options for your corporate environment.