Maryland man’s invention, borne out of frustration, to help blind people everywhere

A serious change in a Baltimore man’s life, coupled with a disturbing situation, led to the creation of a new product.The-Essential-Kane-Keeper-Cardinal-Red-with_mobility-cane-extending-out-with-an-omni-sense-cane-tip

Former investment manager Kevin Cross said he had to find a new path when he lost his sight seven years ago because of diabetes.

While on a walk learning how to use his cane, he came across something extremely unpleasant on the ground that ended up on his cane.

“(It was) some dog stuff. It was pretty nasty,” Cross said. “Not being able to see has been a little frustrating at first and a challenge. So, having something like that happen was very annoying.”

When he folded his cane, everything ended up in his backpack.

Anger, frustration and determination led Cross to create a simple solution: A bag that he calls the Essential Cane Keeper. It’s something that has opened new opportunities for him.

Baltimore-based Blind Industries and Services of Maryland makes a variety of products. With machines whirring daily, workers sew military jackets, and they now assemble Cross’ bags, which help keep dirt and germs that get on the tip of a cane from transferring to other surfaces.

“It’s about the white cane, which is the tool of independence in blind people. It wasn’t a hard sell. An entrepreneur comes to you, who is blind, and has the perfect product for blind people. It just made sense,” said Michael Gosse, president of Blind Industries and Services of Maryland.  Continue the story here.

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