Wegmans offers ‘talking prescription labels’ for blind and low-vision patients

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Wegmans will be partnering with The American Council of the Blind to offer a “talking label” prescription program.

The program, titled “ScripTalk,” will help those who are blind or have low vision to hear important information from their prescription labels. The council says that this project was created to ensure the safety of individuals who may have difficulty seeing the label information.

“The American Council of the Blind is excited about the rollout of the pilot program at Wegmans,” said the council’s interim executive director Dan Spoone. “We appreciate the impact ScripTalk has on ensuring pharmacy patient safety and independence for people who are blind and have low vision.”

ScripTalk labels are electronic and have radio frequency identification (RFID). You would then place the prescription bottle on top of a ScripTalk device, which would then read the information back to you.

When a patient signs up for the program, the ScripTalk device is shipped to the patient for free on loan for as long as the patient needs it. Patients are asked to return the devices when they are done. A mobile app is also available for smartphones.

Wegmans announced that five of their locations in New York State will be offering this service. In Rochester, the Wegmans on East Avenue will be offering this service at the pharmacy.

Other Wegmans locations offering this service include Fayetteville, Buffalo, Depew, and Jamestown.