What Is eSight

What is eSight?

eSight is one of the first technologies that help people who are legally blind to actually see.

Patients say that the effects are remarkable: blind spots disappear, faces that haven’t been seen in years snap into focus, books and other entertainment are suddenly accessible and complete freedom of movement is returned.

Every eSight user has their own inspiring story of success to tell. Our patients tell us all the time that eSight is truly life-changing.

Just look at a few of our users for their stories.

Unlike other low-vision aids, eSight is designed to enable the freedom, self-efficacy, and confidence only possible by enabling seamless vision, regardless of circumstance and setting. eSight is worn hands-free and, for many people, all day, allowing people with low-vision to accomplish the tasks they choose, without barriers of access.

Enabling Users

We are driven by our users’ stories. eSight is an enabling device that is used to support people and open them to any aspect of the world they want to see. Some users take eSight to work and school. Others use it to read. Some want to see faces and others want to get out into the wide-world. Many combine all of those benefits.

Vision Enhancement

eSight makes glasses that combine a camera, display technology, and advanced computing to deliver a real-time video that enables sight for people with vision loss. Users have complete control over the image they see, which means that can enhance, magnify, and adjust the image to ensure their eyes can best interpret their world.

eSight doesn’t just enhance sight, it gives people the freedom to use their sight in any way they choose.

Incredible Technology

Our glasses are packed with sophisticated technology designed to support people with legal blindness. eSight is hands-free, mobile, and multi-use, which means that users can move seamlessly between activities, including those that would otherwise be inaccessible due to low-vision.

The electronic tools housed within the eSight system independently adapt to any setting, allowing the user to focus on what they want to see and not on the technology they use.

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    eSight doesn’t just enhance sight, it gives people the freedom to use their sight in any way they choose.

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electronic glasses that enable the legally blind to see