Low Vision Review & Reflections by Jason W.

Initially, I was very skeptical of Dr. Thomas Azman’s promises but also cautiously optimistic. Over the years, I had been given so much bad news about my declining vision that I really did not want to put myself through anymore let downs. When you hear, there is nothing that can be done for you, more than once, you start to believe it. This all changed when I recently was fitted with my new glasses. They were designed and constructed by Dr. Thomas Azman, head Low Vision Doctor at Low Vision Specialists of Maryland and Virginia. It has been a couple months now since I received my glasses and I am still as excited as the first day they were given to me. The glasses have resolved many fears I had about my future. The fear at the top of the list was the extent of my driving time table. I live in an area without any public transportation. Not being able to drive would have diminished my quality of life. You never realize how important something is to you until the threat of not having it.

People take for granted the independence associated with being able to drive and do things without assistance. Luckily the glasses have saved me from having to deal with that. I learned to cope with what was dealt to me. However, I was very determined to do the best I could with what I had for if I was able. I was always afraid of being out and it starting to rain, since those conditions were extremely difficult for me. The glasses have ended that fear. They have extended my driving years, and increased my quality of life. I also use them to watch television and read signs I would have otherwise have a hard time reading. I am extremely grateful for Dr. Azman’s assistance and what he is and continues to do for others in similar situations to mine. He changes lives for the better and he has changed mine!