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eSight at Work

eSight allows individuals with vision impairments to seamlessly integrate into any workplace and to pursue their career goals unimpeded. Many people have already used eSight to overcome the barrier of low-vision and to succeed based on their skills.

Why eSight at Work?

eSight is a unique enabling technology for the workplace that far outstrips the benefits of any other tool. Whether for reading, participating in a meeting, using computers and other technology, filing, teaching, or any other task, eSight is the right tool for helping people get through their days in the most productive manner possible.

Other assistive technology for the workplaces uses a cumbersome patchwork of many devices to provide only partial access to the diverse social, digital, and communication dynamics of a modern workplace.

eSight is the one device that can be used across contexts and tasks to open all dimensions of the workplace. With eSight, the legally blind need not be limited by vision loss as they build their careers.

Inclusion: Beyond Accessibility

Inclusion means to immerse people with disabilities within cultures without restrictions or limitations of any kind; eSight is simply the very best tool for providing such access to the legally blind. eSight is the only technology that allows the individual to express the true extent of their skills and abilities in a world that too often does not provide such opportunities.

When employees have eSight, they have more than accommodation, they have the kind of authentic inclusion that drives positive, efficient, and successful workplace cultures..

electronic glasses that enable the legally blind to see