Complimentary Low Vision Seminar at Your Location

Give Low Vision Specialists (LVS) of Maryland and Virginia 45 minutes at your office, and we’ll show your team our successful approach to helping those with low vision so you can refer patients with confidence.

In this free low vision seminar, Bari Azman, vice president of marketing and technology at LVS, and Lannie D., an LVS low vision ambassador who suffers from retinopathy and is legally blind, will discuss the methods, diagnostic tools, and custom solutions that we use to help the vision-impaired navigate the world. You can schedule a complimentary seminar at your location on selected Tuesdays here.

A Network of Low Vision Champions

By bringing our complimentary seminar to you, we hope to form a trusted network of retina specialists, ophthalmologists, optometrists, and eye-care office staff for sharing new technology, highlighting success stories, and building awareness that life-changing options exist for individuals with vision loss.

When to Refer Patients to a Low Vision Specialist

The time may come in your practice when your low vision patients face challenges at home or in the workplace with everyday tasks, such as reading, cooking, driving, watching television, and viewing computer screens. That’s when connecting them with a low vision specialist can maximize their chances of living a full life despite vision loss. Our Low Vision Ambassador Lannie D., whom you will meet at our seminar, is a great example of someone who is legally blind yet empowered to function independently by using custom microscope and telescope glasses as well as IrisVision wearable technology.

What Does a Low Vision Specialist Do?

Think of a low vision specialist as working in tandem with your treatment plans. We obviously can’t cure your patients of their low vision conditions, but we can help them make the best of their remaining vision for daily living and working. When you refer a low vision patient to us, we won’t be duplicating the diagnostic testing you’ve already done. We do explore which low vision aids for both near and distance viewing are best suited for your patient as well as advise modifications to home and work situations that support better vision.

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