• 07 MAY 15
    Maryland eSight Debut | Patient Device Demonstration Event

    Maryland eSight Debut | Patient Device Demonstration Event

    Technology helps visually impaired to see

    Briana Grubb able to see for first time with eSight

    UPDATED 6:13 PM EDT May 05, 2015

    TIMONIUM, Md. –One Baltimore woman’s poor eyesight has limited just about every aspect of her life, but that all changed on Tuesday.

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    It’s been some time since even the largest of print has come into focus for Briana Grubb.

    “Not since I was 10,” Grubb said.

    But now Grubb’s faith is in a technology called eSight that could change her life.

    The image is reproduced or reprocessed in real time. A pair of video monitors that are mounted like glasses with a small camera out front deliver improved eyesight to the visually impaired. It’s able to magnify and adjust the images that come in, and Grubb got a look for the very first time.

    “It’s like night and day. It’s like somebody turning on a light. It’s like you can’t see and now you can,” Grubb said.

    She breezes through the finest of print. And the emotion isn’t lost on her sister, Gene Bowling, who has watched her struggle for years.

    “My whole life, I’ve never seen her with sight. I’ve never seen her have a normal experience and I just saw her have that, and I have no words,” Bowling said.

    Reps for eSight debuted the product in the region at Timonium’s Low Vision Specialists of Maryland.

    “We’ve had technology like this over the years; too many buttons, it didn’t work, the battery died out, but this is the latest and greatest technology,” said Dr. Tom Azman, with Low Vision Specialists of Maryland.

    The hope is that life can again be seen, not just heard.

    ESight is a real investment, costing about $15,000.

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