Glasses for Macular Degeneration

Glasses for Macular Degeneration

Macular degeneration is a chronic eye condition and is usually age related. It’s not possible to completely cure it but its progress can be slowed down and effects minimized using proper technology and expertise.

Special glasses for patients suffering from macular degeneration can help them in seeing better and perform routine tasks effectively. As they provide vision to the low vision patient via magnifying the image being seen, they’re called low vision magnification glasses.

Low vision magnification eye glasses for macular degeneration patients may use Prismatic lenses to modify the path of light rays passing through the lens, Telescopes that magnify and enlarge images for distance vision, and Microscopes that magnify and enlarge images for reading and near vision. With these low vision macular degeneration glasses vision is not only clearer, but magnified and more understandable for the patient.

Benefits of Low Vision Glasses | Customized Optical Systems

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High level of magnification

As macular degeneration progresses a lot of magnification is needed to see around the blind spots and distortion caused by macular degeneration in the field of vision. Regular eye glasses cannot provide that level of magnification. With Customized Optical Systems the level of magnification is designed at the specific level of magnification for each patient.

Vision Correction

Even if you do not wear eyeglasses now or have never worn eyeglasses before, you may now have a prescription in combination to macular degeneration. A Customized Optical System is not only designed with the specific level of magnification, but also integrates the precise prescription to provide the best vision for each individual.

Distortions are smaller

The low vision magnification glasses make the blind spots and distortions caused by macular degeneration appear smaller as compared to unmagnified one. However, the distortion or blind spot can’t be totally eliminated by them.

Image is moved away from damaged macula

The advance prism based lens diverge the rays entering into the eye to skip the macular region. This way the light rays coming from the image are prevented from landing on macular region. Although the macular region can’t completely be avoided with no blind spot, it’s considerably reduced.

Tinted glasses improve contrast

Better glasses for macular degeneration patients have a tint (yellow for example) that helps in improving the contrast of image being seen.This small feature of enhancing contrast in the visual field can improve the vision dramatically.

Anti-Reflective coating improves brightness

Customized glasses for macular degeneration are covered with an anti-reflective technology. This helps to brighten up the image by avoiding excessive reflection of light from the glass surface, thus letting more light entering through the lens. This feature can make a huge difference in image being seen by a lens without anti-reflective coating and the one having it, as one would be brighter than the other!

Remember that early detection of macular degeneration can help in slowing down its progress and always consult an expert eye care specialist to know the best available options for you to lead a normal life without visual impairments.

If you or a loved one has vision loss due to Macular Degeneration


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