Introducing Low Vision U

We are proud to announce that we have opened our Low Vision U Ambassador program. It’s time to advocate for those with low vision and blindness and spread the word about the incredible opportunities that exist for enhanced vision. Today is the first day of an exciting program that will reach out to those living with low vision and blindness and empower them to seek enhanced sight.

We have launched the Low Vision U Ambassador program because every day we hear patients on the phone and in our office asking, “Why didn’t my doctor tell me that low vision care is available?” “Why didn’t my doctor tell me about you?” We hear it so much that we started asking ourselves the same question. That’s when it became clear that it was time for a bold new advocacy program that would empower people like our current ambassadors – Jason W., Diane D., Glenda H. and Sam S. – to tell the world that the status quo isn’t good enough. Today there are amazing medical devices like IrisVision, telescope and microscope glasses that expand the world for those with low vision and blindness. We offer them to our patients and we believe that every person with vision impairment deserves nothing less.

Many people with low vision and blindness have been told that nothing more can be done to address their low vision.  That isn’t true. Low Vision Specialists helps those with macular degeneration and other vision loss conditions see the world again, see faces clearly, read, use a computer, or just enjoy a walk in the park. Technology has created a brave new world for the vision impaired and we want everyone to know about it. That is what Low Vision U Ambassadors will do.

You can become a Low Vision U Ambassador and help spread the word about low vision care. 

Whether you are living with low vision or blindness or are the caregiver of someone who lives with it, we invite you to become a Low Vision U Ambassador. Together we can advocate for increased research to cure eye diseases and the continuing development of advanced technology to enhance sight.

Become a Low Vision U Ambassador

First, sign up to become a Low Vision U Ambassador.  You will be recognized with an official certificate.

You will also receive:

  • An official red Low Vision U Ambassador bracelet with Braille and text.
  • Exclusive offers at Low Vision U Partners.
  • First notification about special Low Vision U events.


What are the duties of a Low Vision U Ambassador?

It’s very simple – advocate for low vision care. Whenever you hear of someone living with low vision spread the word that care is available, educate your physician and proudly wear your bracelet. We’ll email you more information when you sign up to be a Low Vision U Ambassador.

Win a Low Vision U Ambassador T-shirt.

Everyone wants a Low Vision U Ambassador t-shirt. They’re cool, they’re comfortable, and they’re produced by Two Blind Brothers, one of the fastest growing start-ups in the country. The company was founded by Bryan and Bradford Manning, brothers who were diagnosed with progressive Stargardt’s Disease at the age of seven and who are now legally blind. Two Blind Brothers has been featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and NBC news. They have designed sleek, urban t-shirts and henleys of incredibly soft fabric produced by the Dallas Lighthouse for the Blind. Soon we will be giving away these Low Vision U Ambassador t-shirts to lucky winners each week. Keep an eye on this space to learn how.

Join us, won’t you?

Anyone who cares about expanding sight for those with low vision and blindness can become a Low Vision U Ambassador. You can join Jason, Diane, Glenda and Sam.  Together we can begin to change the world.  If you want to be a Low Vision U Ambassador sign up today!