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Some people climb a metaphorical Mount Everest every day of their lives. A select few climb the actual mountain. A few, very few, scale the summit of the world’s highest mountain without sight and the first to do so was Erik Weihenmayer. It’s one symbol of the life he lives with no barriers.

Why would someone without sight spend a week trekking to Everest Base camp, scale a 4,000-foot wall of glacial

We recently attended the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Innovations Expo, a showcase of technologies that advance accessibility for people with vision impairment and other disabilities. It was an exciting look at the innovations that entrepreneurs, technology companies, organizations and academics in the public and private sectors are developing. As FCC Commissioner Mignon L. Clyburn said in her opening remarks, the expo was full of “trail-blazing communications-based technologies and accessibility innovations.” We

Recently there were two news items regarding age-related macular degeneration (AMD) that caught our eye and we want to share them with you. The first item is a promising new treatment for the disease and the second is new information on the role of nutrition to prevent AMD.

Eye drops instead of injections

The availability of eye drops to treat AMD would be a vast improvement for patients who currently have to endure

Bradford and Bryan Manning were diagnosed with Stargardt’s disease, a progressive disease that results in blindness, at the age of seven. You would never know it.  They have completed high school, played Lacrosse, graduated from college with double majors and founded one of the fastest growing start-ups in the country, Two Blind Brothers - and they’re not done yet. Here is the story of two of the most inspirational, barrier breaking people you

We are proud to announce that we have opened our Low Vision U Ambassador program. It’s time to advocate for those with low vision and blindness and spread the word about the incredible opportunities that exist for enhanced vision. Today is the first day of an exciting program that will reach out to those living with low vision and blindness and empower them to seek enhanced sight.

We have launched the Low Vision U

Driving while legally blind may seem like an oxy-moron, unless you know about the most highly advanced, sight-enhancing medical devices on the market today. We help our legally blind patients do a lot of important things like driving, by carefully assessing their sight and prescribing the right medical device to enhance it. Jason W., a patient here at Low Vision Specialists of MD & VA, is a perfect example. Driving while legally

Christine Ha - MasterChef Winner and AT&T Ambassador

AT&T believes in the ability of all people and nowhere is that more evident than in the company’s Experience More campaign. Experience More is an innovative social project that celebrates how blind/low vision individuals experience more of life through their actions, passions and use of technology. It’s one more example of the innovative campaigns being launched by companies across the U.S

Many different people are working to change the world for those with low vision and blindness. Researchers are working to find a way to stop progressive eye diseases like macular degeneration. Entrepreneurs are using technology and advanced software to create medical devices like IrisVision, that allow the blind to see and participate fully in daily activities, including driving. Then, there are those who break barriers, living life on the edge to show others that