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It may seem like a horrible question, but if someone asked which is worse, losing your eyesight, hearing, memory, speech, or a limb, what would you say? A majority of people think that losing one’s eyesight is the worst possible health outcome, according to a study conducted by the Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The survey asked that question of more than 2000 people, who said that their top


Things change as we age and that is certainly true when it comes to our vision. Just like we get regular check-ups to keep our bodies healthy, we need comprehensive eye exams to detect eye diseases that may permanently reduce vision.

Some eye diseases have no early symptoms. Once you notice changes in your vision the eye disease has already advanced beyond its early stages. A comprehensive eye exam can detect these diseases


You may have noticed that the sun is a bit brighter these days (Good news!). You may have also noticed that you are using the visor more when you drive or squinting more when the light glares off the cars in front of you. Those are reminders that it is time to get a good pair of sunglasses and wear them regularly.

Sunglasses can prevent your eyes from suffering sun damage as a result


May is Healthy Vision Month and that makes it a great time to talk about healthy eyes and the ways in which you can combat vision loss. There are four important steps you can take to maintain healthy vision:

Have an expert eye exam: The early stages of many eye diseases can be detected in an eye exam. That is why it is important for you to have a thorough eye exam on a


It’s true that we are all getting older. Time marches on and every year brings a new birthday. While we enjoy life, we also notice that each year tends to bring new aches and pains. As the body ages, so do the eyes, and it’s important to realize that the aging eye changes vision. How can you tell the difference between aging of the eye and eye disease? It’s important to know the difference


What on earth do Zebra fish have to do with the health of our eyes? A lot according to scientists. Fish eyes have the ability to regenerate if they suffer damage or injury. Human eyes do not. Now researchers want to learn how fish eyes repair themselves in the hopes that they can use that knowledge to repair human eyes.

New research reported in Medical News Today has uncovered the specific science behind the


We enjoy writing about the future of vision because the possibilities excite us. New inventions and clinical insights remind us that scientists and researchers are paying attention to vision and its vital role in life. The innovations and medical devices coming out of clinical research today can protect and improve sight, even for the legally blind. The breakthroughs of tomorrow promise to restore sight for the blind with groundbreaking implants.

A lot of work


April is Women’s Eye Health and Safety Month and the perfect time to create awareness of the fact that women suffer from more vision problems than men. It is also a great time to talk about the important steps that women can take to preserve their vision.

• Of the 4.1 million Americans aged 40 and older who are visually impaired or blind, more than half, 2.6 million of them, are women