Hello Everyone and welcome to our special blog where we plan to share daily highlights from The Blind Poet USA Book Tour. Additional content may also be available on our Facebook page. We look forward to sharing all the details with you. Stay tuned!

My Departure

Routing: AA735
Manchester, UK (MAN)
Philadelphia (PHL)
Baltimore (BWI)
Total distance:
3,510 miles - 5,649 km

In-flight Poetry from 35K feet above

The adventure of a lifetime begins for me this day
I’m crossing deepest ocean trying to keep my nerves at bay
I’ve not done this since my vision has slipped away from me
But this is what I’m meant for
I’m where I’m meant to be
This blind poets on a mission
do all I know I can
and mile by mile I fly in style thanks to American
My destination’s waiting the stage is set for me
Change hearts and minds how we’re defined
know soon they’ll finally see
If I can make this journey defy that voice inside
who told me I was useless like my eyes I know it lied
So watch me take each challenge and smash it out the park
I know my eyes are fading but I’m no longer in the dark

Welcome Dave to America!

Dave’s American Eagle ERJ-145 arriving at the gate (BWI)

Dave Steele meeting Lannie D. for the first time

10/28/19 VisionCorps - Lancaster, PA

Dave Steele and Lannie D. posing outside VisionCorps offices Lancaster, PA

10/28/19 Turkey Hill Experience - Columbia, PA

Dave Steele, Bari Azman, and Lannie D. making an impromptu stop at the Turkey Hill Ice Cream Experience

Dave Steele “driving” an old fashioned ice cream delivery truck

10/29/19 Sight-Loss Support Group of Greater Baltimore

Dave Steele and Diane Ducharme co-hosting the Sight-Loss Support Group of Greater Baltimore

Dave Steele with Sharon Payne

Dave Steele with Diane

Diane Ducharme, Bari Azman, Dave Steele, and Lannie D. posing together at The Low Vision Shop

10/30/19 Early morning travel
Baltimore, MD (BWI) to Providence, RI (PVD)
Southwest Airlines Flt#160

10/30/19 Rhode Island College in Association with
The Paul V. Sherlock Center on Disabilities
Providence, RI

10/30/19 Late night arrival to Boston, MA

Dave Steele and Bari Azman arrive to Boston, MA

10/31/19 Boston, MA

Dave Steele, Bari Azman, and Jim Sinocchi

Jim Sinocchi, Dave Steele and Bari Azman
at JPMorgan Chase, Boston, MA

Dave Steele at Boston South Station

Bari Azman, Dave Steele and Jay Ruderman
at The Ruderman Family Foundation

Dave Steele and Bari Azman on-board Amtrak

10/31/19 New York City Arrival

New poem written somewhere between Boston and New York City

As I sit here
I think of tears from when I first felt lost
I felt my life was done down to the price that blindness cost
I couldn’t see the strength in me but it was always there
for even in my darkest times felt brave enough to share
Depression and anxiety have failed to do me in
When darkness at its darkest there’s a new dawn to begin
For every tear has brought me here to where you see me now
I see more than what’s possible despite what eyes allow
Was once unsure but now I tour to touch the hearts of you
To educate unseal my fate
I choose what now I do
This blindness cannot stop me like the speed of this Acela
My visions on a mission like a bearded Helen Keller