dr betancourt bw eye

Practice Name:

BW Eye Center


Glen Burnie, MD

Practitioners in practice:


Type of program:

Full on-site Low Vision Services

Program Launch Date:

March, 2015

Completed by:

Arturo E. Betancourt, M.D., F.A.C.S

BW Eye Center Case Study

Experience Before Implementing Low Vision Specialists of MD & VA

LVS: What type of low vision options did your patients have prior to launching Low Vision Specialists of MD & VA at BW Eye Center?

BW Eye Center: We would refer our patients to the low vision clinic at Johns Hopkins.

LVS: What were the top reasons you selected Low Vision Specialists of MD & VA?

BW Eye Center: We were looking for an organization that could provide on-site services. That had an experienced professional staff. That would address our patients needs and provide them with the care they needed, taking into consideration the cost of the low vision aids.

Experience working with Low Vision Specialists of MD & VA

LVS: How easy or hard was it to get started with Low Vision Specialists of MD & VA?

BW Eye Center: Extremely easy to get started.

LVS: How has it helped your practice to overcome any patient challenges you had before?

BW Eye Center: We are all very happy with the association. We have all been very satisfied.

LVS: How is it different than other alternatives you’ve tried?

BW Eye Center: The screening process has better addressed the patient’s needs.

LVS: What’s your favorite program feature? Why?

BW Eye Center: We feel that addressing the patient’s specific needs is fantastic. The patients feel that they have accomplished something that has made a significant improvement in their quality of life.

LVS: Tell me about the most positive experience you’ve had using LVS of MD & VA? Patient Testimonials, etc…

BW Eye Center: Many times patients have told me how happy they are with their low vision aids, and how they are able to use them to perform the desired task.

Results from Low Vision Specialists of MD & VA:

LVS: How has Low Vision Specialists helped your patients achieve their personal goals?

BW Eye Center: By carefully assessing the needs and requirements of the patient. By giving them the tools to achieve them, and instructing them in their use.

LVS: Do you have any specific metrics you can share about the impact of LVS MD & VA?

BW Eye Center: The patient’s satisfaction.

LVS: Do you have a personal favorite patient success story?

BW Eye Center: None more that I have had no patient complaints.

Recommending Low Vision Specialists of MD & VA:

LVS: What is the single biggest reason you would recommend other doctors/practices to work with LVs of MD & VA?

BW Eye Center: The quality of service provided