3 Medical Devices That are Helping the Legally Blind to See

Every day researchers and scientists are gaining new understanding of how the eye works and adapting modern technology to enhance and improve sight. The same technology that is being used for virtual reality headsets, advanced iPads and laptops is now being used by scientists to create advanced medical devices that help the legally blind to see. If you or a loved one are legally blind or have low vision, here are three medical devices you should know about.

Wearable technology is making it easier for those with progressive eye diseases like macular degeneration to see and have a higher quality of daily life. It’s called “wearable technology” because these medical devices are worn as glasses or worn over glasses.

IrisVision: We believe that this is the most exciting, powerful and affordable advanced medical device to be released to the market in recent years. IrisVision is designed specifically for those suffering with macular degeneration and other eye diseases. The technology makes blurry things in the central field of vision clear, the area that most often deteriorates from macular degeneration.

The software in IrisVision magnifies the central field of vision using a 16 MP camera. The screen displays 10X more pixels per inch than an HD TV and provides a 70° field of view, the widest on the market today. Adjustable settings on the device include contrast, ambient levels, interpupilar distance and more. Each device can be customized by the wearer to adjust magnification and field of vision.

NuEyes featuring ODG smartglasses is a powerful device that performs like an Android tablet. It combines custom software and smart glasses. The technology provides magnification up to 12x, has built in Bluetooth control and contrast enhancement of print. A speech-recognition feature lets wearers use voice commands to manipulate the image to meet their needs. NuEyes technology incorporates a camera on the front of the blacked-out glasses that acts as a set of eyes. The camera captures images and projects them on the lenses for the user to see. NuEyes can enhance vision for those suffering from Macular Degeneration, Stargardt’s Disease, Retinitis Pigmentosa, and other visual impairments.

eSight: eSight captures real-time video to help the legally blind see. It gives wearers the freedom to manipulate images in a way that best suits their purposes and is hands free. The technology allows the image to move quickly, adjusting pixels along the way, as the user moves between indoor activities like reading and watching television to outdoor activities like walking.

How does it work? eSight’s components work in tandem with the user to enhance the quality of images reaching the eye, delivering more data and triggering an increased reaction from the cells in the eye. When more high-quality data is passed from the eye to the brain sight is enhanced.

eSight technology is contained in a headset that is worn mounted on carrier frames just above or in front of the eyes. The technology includes a high-definition camera, OLED screens, and multiple supporting technologies used to capture and display a real-time video-feed.

These medical devices use advanced technology to improve the daily lives of people with low vision by allowing them to see their loved ones, participate in hobbies they enjoy, watch TV, and in some cases, drive a car. If you have been told that nothing more can be done to enhance your low vision, call us. We prove every day that low vision can be enhanced and life can be lived fully through the use of advanced, wearable technology.