Meet the team

The team at Low Vision Specialists of Maryland & Virginia has more than 44+ years of experience treating low vision and a wide range of ophthalmic conditions. We are driven by the belief that there is life after vision loss. We know that medical advances and innovative medical devices can bring sight to those who are legally blind and that even those who suffer with vision altering disease may be able to experience enhanced vision. Our deep commitment to improving your vision motivates us every day.

Low Vision Doctors

Senior Leadership


Stephen A. Azman, CPO
Director Patient Care

Bari Azman Vice President Marketing and Wearable Technology

Bari M. Azman, CPO
Vice President Marketing 

Team Members

Lannie D. Low Vision Ambassador

Lannie D.
Senior Low Vision Ambassador Emeritus

Holly Bonner Low Vision Blogger

Holly Bonner
Low Vision Blogger