• 18 SEP 17

    AT&T Experience More Campaign

    Christine Ha – MasterChef Winner and AT&T Ambassador

    AT&T believes in the ability of all people and nowhere is that more evident than in the company’s Experience More campaign. Experience More is an innovative social project that celebrates how blind/low vision individuals experience more of life through their actions, passions and use of technology. It’s one more example of the innovative campaigns being launched by companies across the U.S. who are forward looking, forward thinking and committed to making the world accessible to those with low vision and blindness.

    The important message of the Experience More campaign is that accessibility isn’t a one-time thing; it is a commitment to help those with low vision and blindness communicate from wherever they live and work through innovative and accessible products and services. The company wants to redefine accessibility, focus on access, and enable people to stay connected to what matters most in their lives.

    The AT&T Experience More campaign has enlisted the help of several high-profile celebrities, and entrepreneurs from the low vision community. Several of the AT&T Experience More ambassadors have also been guests in our Visionary blog series and will be featured in our future posts. They include Erik Weihenmayer a world adventurer and mountain climber who lost his vision to Retinis Pigmentosa, and Brad and Bryan Manning, founders of Two Blind Brothers who were diagnosed with Stargardt’s disease at the age of seven. Other AT&T Experience More ambassadors include Pro Football Hall of Famer Emmit Smith and the Winner of Master Chef Season 2003 Christine Ha who is blind. Together these ambassadors will help to spotlight individuals who are blind or low vision and living a life that focuses on their abilities rather than their disabilities.

    AT&T has been improving accessibility in products and services for years. Just last year AT&T enhanced the accessibility of its DIRECTV by upgrading million of boxes with a Talking Guide, a text-to-speech setting that allows audio output to accompany DIRECTV on-screen textual menus and guides. The Talking Guide also empowers blind users to independently turn video descriptions on and off, furthering access to content. In addition, the DIRECTV website improved screen reader compatibility and keyboard navigation and DIRECTV’s TV Everywhere apps for iOS and Android mobile devices were updated to improve access for people who are blind.

    Companies like AT&T are making a corporate commitment to improve accessibility in every day products for those who are low vision or blind. We applaud them. We work every day to enhance sight for those who have been told that nothing more can be done for their vision. We are proud to be joined by a growing number of major organizations across the country who believe that the status quo is not good enough. Together we are proving that society can adapt to make it easier for those with low vision and blindness to live highly functional, fulfilling lives.

    You can learn more about the Experience More campaign at https://experiencemore.att.com and you can share your experiences at #ExperienceMore.