Glasses for Stargardts’ Disease

Stargardt’s disease is an inherited form of Juvenile macular degeneration usually starting at the age of 6 to 12 years. The disease symptoms appear usually by the age 12 and progresses with advancing age.

The disease involves the macula of the eye, responsible for the sharpest vision. There is no cure to the disease but with early detection and proper management the advancement of the disease can be slowed down and the life of patients made easy by using various life style modifications and glasses, etc.

Glasses for Stargardt’s disease
The aim for using glasses in Stargardt’s disease is to:

  • Prevent further damage to the eye through direct sunlight and ultraviolet rays
  • To reduce the effects of Stargardt’s disease and allow near normal vision


Stargardt disease

Stargardt’s Disease

Prism based glasses for stargardt’s disease

Special prism based lenses are used in glasses to allow the refraction of light in such a way that the blind spot created by the macular degeneration is reduced. Although the spot can’t be removed completely, its size can be reduced a lot resulting in better vision. They’re helpful in reading, writing, playing cards, etc. and other indoor activities.

Remember that it takes some time to adjust seeing through the prism and some people might feel dizzy or not seeing properly initially. Discuss with your eye care specialist in case of any such complain.


Bioptic telescopic glasses for stargardt’s disease

Bioptic telescopic glasses are specialized glasses having two small telescopes for each lens of the glasses. With the help of these glasses patients can see better and perform routine tasks including reading and even driving.

Many states even issue special driver’s license to people with reduced vision as in stargardt’s disease if they can see by the help of telescopic glasses.

UV screening sunglasses for stargardt’s disease

Ultraviolet rays are believed to enhance the macular degeneration in Stargardt’s disease. Using ultraviolet screening sunglasses along with hats or caps is recommended for the patients suffering with the condition or at high risk for it. You can use the UV screening layer lenses on other glasses for stargardt’s too like prism based ones.

UV screening and tinted glasses are highly recommended for patients of Stargardt’s disease, even if they use the prism and telescopic glasses or not yet as per their symptoms and condition.

With new technology people suffering from Stargardt’s Disease can continue enjoying life. Our Customized Optical Systems patients suffering from Stargardt’s Disease are able to drive, read the newspaper, watch TV, see their loved ones and continue with quality of life.


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