Lionel Messi helps young blind fan by sending him life-changing OrCam

World-famous soccer star Lionel Messi helps out young blind Arsenal football fan by sending him life-changing pair of OrCam glasses… as Barcelona superstar heads up campaign to aid visually-impaired children



Lionel Messi has come to the aid of a young blind Arsenal fan after sending the child a life-changing pair of glasses produced by OrCam Technologies.

Lionel Messi OrCam

The Barcelona star has linked up with the Israel-based company to launch a partnership with them to increase awareness of the challenges faced by the blind and the visually impaired community globally.

Every year, Messi will gift the OrCam MyEye device to people with inspiring stories who are blind or visually impaired, some of whom he will personally meet in Barcelona.

Lionel Messi has sent a young blind Arsenal fan a life-changing pair of OrCam glasses. Messi has linked up with OrCam to raise awareness about challenges blind people face daily. These individuals will then consequently become members of the so-called ‘OrCam Dream Team,’ which is led by Messi.

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