• 26 AUG 15

    Macular Degeneration Specialists– The Need for Two Doctors

    Why You Need 2 Macular Degeneration Specialists


    Understand that you are dealing with two issues: the medical condition causing vision-loss and the vision-loss itself.  With Macular Degeneration, you need a medical specialist called a retinologist because the macula is part of the retina. The retina specialist will have the most extensive experience in monitoring and treating the medical condition.

    HOWEVER, regarding vision options, it is VERY important to know that the doctors who are treating your medical condition are usually not your best source of information regarding your vision. You must also investigate options.

    Members of The International Academy of Low Vision Specialists are Low Vision Optometrists with extensive training and experience in dealing with the visual issues of macular degeneration. Members of IALVS use prescription low vision glasses to help you keep your independence. We believe in life after vision loss.

    Retina Doctor


    A retina specialist is a medical doctor – an ophthalmologist who has done an extra fellowship training in retinal diseases for one or two years after completing his residency in ophthalmology.

    The Retina Fellowship includes an intensive one or two year full time program treating patients with retina problems and learning how to perform office based surgeries like laser and intraocular injections as well as hospital based surgery like vitrectomy.

    Low Vision Specialists


    Another Macular Degeneration specialist to have on your team is a low vision specialist. They are licensed Doctors of Optometry or Ophthalmology, who are skilled in the examination, treatment and management of patients with eye conditions that are not treatable or correctable by medicine, surgery or with glasses.

    This health professional will assist the patient in:

    • Determining what low vision optical devices are best for them
    • How better lighting can help them see better
    • Finding eye specialists with the right credentials is just one aspect of finding the right doctor for you. You may need to get a second or third opinion, before you find a doctor that meets your needs.