• JANUARY 26, 2018
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    Stargardt’s Disease

    Stargardt’s Disease is a rare inherited retina disorder that strikes in childhood and adolescence, stealing vision. Also called juvenile macular degeneration, the disease causes progressive damage to the center of the retina that provides central vision. We work with many people who have Stargardt’s Disease, including Bryan and Bradford Manning, two visionaries who are theRead more
    • JANUARY 2, 2018
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    Does Medicare Cover Vision?

    Guest Post Written By: Danielle Kunkle Co-founder at Boomer Benefits, and Forbes Finance Council Contributor Throughout our working lives, we are often provided vision benefits through our employer group health insurance. It can come as shock at age 65 to find out that Medicare does not include benefits for routine vision services. It does, however, provide for treatmentRead more
    • JANUARY 1, 2018
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    A Peek Inside Dallas Lighthouse For The Blind

    Dallas Lighthouse CEO Hugh McElroy For decades, jobs in textile and apparel manufacturing have been on the decline across the U.S. Texas is no exception, but one Dallas nonprofit is training people to work with textiles … people who are visually impaired. On a busy Dallas street, next to a bank and a Kroger supermarket,Read more