• AUGUST 25, 2017
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    More businesses are opening up to people with disabilities

    Low Vision Specialists of Maryland and Virginia is working with corporations of all sizes around the country to outfit employees with the latest low vision aids and devices. Prescribing an appropriate low vision aid/device will immediately benefit an individual diagnosed with a low vision condition and afford them to contribute their talents to the workforce.  Read more
    • AUGUST 2, 2017
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    Learn how Panasonic is prioritizing accessibility when designing consumer products for individuals who are low vision/blind.

    Low Vision Specialists of Maryland & Virginia 20/20 Blog interviews Mr. Tony Jasionowski, Senior Group Manager, Aging & Accessibility, Panasonic Corporation of North America.   Low vision brings with it many challenges and chief among them is the ability to handle the routine tasks of daily living like talking on the phone, doing laundry, andRead more
    • AUGUST 30, 2017
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    Large corporations hiring disabled individuals

    We are encouraged. Every day we see more reports about companies increasing accessibility in their products and hiring practices for the disabled and visually impaired. We like the trend of companies establishing internal departments focused on improving products and creating cultures that are inclusionary. Our Visionary blog post recently interviewed Tony Jasionowski, Senior Group Manager,Read more
    • AUGUST 15, 2017
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    IrisVision – A leap to the future for low vision and macular degeneration.

    In the effort to enhance sight for those with low vision, few devices have made as significant a difference as IrisVision. This wearable technology offers powerful sight enhancing features for those with macular degeneration, Retinis Pigmentosa, glaucoma and other eye diseases. In fact, we believe it is the most powerful vision enhancement device on theRead more