• MAY 16, 2018
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    What is Ocular Albinism?

    You may be familiar with Albinism, a genetic condition that affects the skin and hair, making them extremely light colored or white. However, ocular albinism is a different type of the genetic mutation that affects the eyes. It creates low vision and that is why it is of special concern to us. We work withRead more
    • MAY 24, 2018
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    US Naval Academy, Blue Angels, & More…

    Coffee Talk with Lannie D. was honored to tour the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD during Navy Commissioning Week 2018 and see the US Navy Blue Angels perform. Stay tuned for the full vlog post featuring all the amazing highlights, including Lannie watching the Blue Angels for the first time with his IrisVisionRead more
    • MAY 14, 2018
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    Low Vision Specialists Team Interviewed On News Channel 8

    Dr. Thomas Azman, Low Vision Specialists and Bari Azman, Vice President Marketing & Technology discuss low vision and new wearable technology on live TV with News Channel 8/ABC 7 News - WJLARead more
    • MAY 30, 2018
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    Legally Blind Man Watches High Speed US Navy Blue Angels Perform Aerial Maneuvers

    How does a legally blind individual attend an airshow and watch the US Navy Blue Angels perform high speed aerial maneuvers? This is a must see first, exclusively featured on Coffee Talk with Lannie D. Join us as we visit the US Naval Academy during commissioning week 2018.Read more