• 05 DEC 16
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    Winter safety for those with impaired vision

    It’s an understatement to say that winter is a complicated season. It can bring any number of combinations of sleet, snow, ice, and freezing rain. It is an unpredictable force of nature that can turn pavement into black ice and sidewalks into skating rinks in a moment’s notice. Staying safe and preventing winter falls dependsRead more →
    • 14 DEC 16
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    Southwest Airlines Low Vision Accessible Services

      Southwest Airlines offers assistance to passengers who are blind or have low vision. At your request, Southwest Airlines will be happy to assist Customers who are blind or have low vision with flight connections, with identifying Inflight snacks, etc. Upon arrival at the airport, please inform a Southwest Airlines Agent or Skycap at your first

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    • 19 DEC 16
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    Safety in the dark and cold depends upon great lighting.

    Winter brings ice, snow and long periods of darkness that pose significant hazards to those living with low vision. Icy patches and uneven walking surfaces make for treacherous walking and create more than ample opportunity to trip, slip and fall. Short winter days require longer use of artificial lighting and the shadows they cast canRead more →
    • 13 DEC 16
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    Rehabilitating low vision with technology

    In medicine’s ongoing efforts to enhance low vision, technology plays an essential role. Some of the advances seem like the stuff of flying cars and cities in the sky but they are not - they are very real and in our hands today. Implantable micro lenses and telescopic lenses are incredibly important to the restorationRead more →