• 13 FEB 18
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    Macular Degeneration Patient Attends First NHL Game In Washington, D.C.

    First Sight At Hockey Game Lannie was excited to attend his first hockey game in Washington, D.C. The Capitals beat the Flyers in an action packed game. Lannie, has macular degneration which effects his central vision. Low Vision Specialists of Maryland & Virginia created this special night out for Lannie. Using custom telescope glasses andRead more →
    • 31 DEC 17
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    Low Vision Specialists of MD & VA 2017 Year In Review

    As we reflect upon our achievements over the past 12 months, 2017 was an extraordinary year at Low Vision Specialists of MD & VA. First and foremost, we helped a significantly larger patient demographic with our one-of-a-kind low vision services, introduced new disruptive technology to our patients, launched our low vision advocacy program “Low VisionRead more →
    • 17 JUL 17
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    Low Vision Can Cause Depression

    Low Vision causes many difficulties for those who suffer with it. Driving, participating in hobbies, taking care of the activities of daily life and seeing the faces of loved ones can be challenging if not impossible. Now surveys are showing that those with low vision also suffer from depression at rates higher than those whoRead more →
    • 06 FEB 18
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    Legally Blind and Traveling Around The Globe! Follow Glenda On Her Spectacular Journey To South Africa

    Glenda is traveling through South Africa with specially designed low vision glasses that have literally opened her eyes, enhancing her vision and allowing her to see friends, family and the lush beauty of her beloved continent.  You can share her journey and experience what it is like to truly see every day for the firstRead more →