• 13 FEB 18
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    Visionary Christine Ha, The Blind Cook, Sits Down With The 20/20 Low Vision Blog

    On Season Three of MasterChef, judges Chef Gordon Ramsay, restaurateur Joe Bastianich and Chef Graham Elliot determined that home cook Christine Ha was the very best of 30,000 contestants. They named her Winner of MasterChef 2012 and in the process, gave her a platform on which to advocate for the legally blind. A chef whoRead more →
    • 26 JAN 18
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    Stargardt’s Disease

    Stargardt’s Disease is a rare inherited retina disorder that strikes in childhood and adolescence, stealing vision. Also called juvenile macular degeneration, the disease causes progressive damage to the center of the retina that provides central vision. We work with many people who have Stargardt’s Disease, including Bryan and Bradford Manning, two visionaries who are theRead more →
    • 06 FEB 18
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    Legally Blind and Traveling Around The Globe! Follow Glenda On Her Spectacular Journey To South Africa

    Glenda is traveling through South Africa with specially designed low vision glasses that have literally opened her eyes, enhancing her vision and allowing her to see friends, family and the lush beauty of her beloved continent.  You can share her journey and experience what it is like to truly see every day for the firstRead more →
    • 10 FEB 18
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    February is AMD Macular Degeneration Low vision Awareness Month

    February is national age related macular degeneration (AMD) and low vision awareness month. National months of recognition are important because they call attention to important health issues like AMD and increase knowledge of prevention and treatment. Although there is no cure for AMD, there are ways to reduce your risk for it having the rightRead more →